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Founder's Message


Years back, I received a vision of people returning to a life, where normal was what it used to be! A life outdoors & back to nature! H.O.S.E.A Centre is part of that Vision! A place of refuge for our Youth, where they could climb trees, swim in rivers, & feel the fulfilment of a day well spent! 


I saw a centre where all kinds of learning was taking place, to enhance & uplift! H.O.S.E.A Online Learning & Activity Centre is the beginning of this! 

Our Youth are hungry for connection! Technology, however wonderful this is, can't replace the human interactions & physical components they need! HO.S.E.A Centre is the beginning of this vision, utilising Sports, Fitness & Performing Arts to bring the balance between online & offline! 


Changing Tomorrow by Changing Today!

A Healthy Child is a Healthy Future!​


Provide a Catalyst of Change through Learning & Socialisation Activities 


To Develop Mentality, Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually Healthy Youth!


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Fran Philip

Founder & Principal 


Karen Gallinetti

Performing Arts & Fitness


Antonio Johnson

Fitness & Sports

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