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H.O.S.E.A Team

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Stephen & Franziz Philip

Franziz (Fran) Founder

- Pioneered: Home Church, Children' Safe Home, Performing Arts Ministry, Counselling & Prayer Ministry

- Taught: Biblical Courses, Lifeskills, Dance, Drama & Music

- Leader: Church, Worship, Sunday School, Youth & Adult Ministry

-Graduate 1991 Mission & Bible School

- Graduate 1st Year Charis Bible School

(To Complete 3 years) 

- Business: Owner Dance Company. Recruitment Agency &

Beauty Salon


Antonio Johnson- Fitness

-Been into Fitness for approximately 10years 

-He has worked at Virgin Active Gyms


- He focuses on the  version of fitness that bring a unique look at the mental aspect so that the body mind is balanced 

  -Has 5 years of experience Working & Training with different clients 


Rebecca Philip- Tutor & Performing Arts

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